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Avoiding Obesity:

This country has developed a very serious problem with childhood obesity. Aside from the fact that this is bad for the child's self esteem, and that kids are cruel, and life is hard for an overweight child, being obese also puts them at risk for many illnesses, such as Childhood Onset Diabetes, that they would otherwise very possibly not develop.

There are several things you can do to help your child avoid this fate. For one thing, you need to lead by example. Eat healthy with your kids and go outside and play in the yard with them. Get active with your child, and they are a lot less likely to want to sit around watching television or playing video games.

You can instill these habits in your child from a very young age. Simply limit their leisure, laid-back time. Too many parents don’t let their kids go outside enough, and instead let technology lead their child's play time. This isn't near as healthy for your child. Children need to get fresh air, they need to get dirty. They need to go outside and be forced to use their imagination to play. This not only helps your child avoid obesity, it also encourages so much more.

Eating healthy is the other main point to this. If your child has a problem with weight, you don't want to make them feel bad about themselves by putting them on a diet and them knowing it. And they will know it if you have snacks in your house that they aren't allowed to have, but other people are. Instead, you need to get rid of the junk food, and stock your house with healthy goodies. Don’t take them to eat fast food, or if you have to, order for them and order the healthier choices (which almost all fast food chains have now implemented into their kids' meals because of this obesity issue). Again, though, you have to lead by example, and order healthy choices, as well. You can't expect a five year old child to understand why mommy gets fries and she has to have fruit. It just doesn't make sense to them.

Some kids, of course, have health issues that make it difficult for them to lose weight, and in this case you should always consult your pediatrician. But, for all those others, it's not that difficult to prevent. All you really have to do is limit your child’s junk food intake and get active with them. Keep in mind the entire time that what you do for your child, and teach your child, during this time is paving the way for who and what they will be and do as adults.

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